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Where in the World:

To enrich our Social Studies curriculum, third graders go for a trip around the world during the year. The children begin by researching the continents and oceans. They then learn about a different country each week.

International Festival:

To celebrate our travels, the children choose a country to give a report on. These are shared during this festival where children dress to represent their country, present their report, and share items from that country. Foods form the different countries will also be enjoyed.

Book reports:

Throughout the year, the children share different book reports.


Each child will chose a person to learn about and present a report to the class as if they were that person.

Outreach Project:

We work on the schools recycling program as well as collecting bottle return vouchers to use for community service projects.

Field trips:

  • Go to the Hearth twice a year to participate in activities with the residents. 
  • Madison Historical Society
  • Bauer Farm-enrichment for our animal and plant unit in science
  • Knights of Columbus-crèche exhibits
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