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The following special projects and presentations are developed to increase self-esteem and promote confident public speaking in addition to reinforcing the subject matter.


Second grade receives two sacraments, First Penance and First Holy Communion. In addition to each individual parish celebration, there is a very special mass that is put on by the second grade students and followed by a lovely brunch.

Language Arts:

Children keep creative writing and poetry journals, as well as a prayer journal, and a sentence journal to enhance their creativity, writing skills, and thought process.

Social Studies/History:

Children do a special presentation on their favorite inventor. They dress up as that inventor, make a diorama, poster, or booklet and discuss their invention.


Children learn all aspects of the Rain Forest and the class does a special presentation where the classroom is transformed into a Tropical Rain Forest, complete with animal sounds and misty rain. Each child makes a diorama which includes one or more important aspects of the rain forest.  This is always a favorite among students and parents.


Math is not just learned but experienced. Children get to measure each other, use real money, and several other games. Special days/weeks are dedicated to fun activities and games where the children get to put in motion all that they have learned. We call this Math Mania Time.

Field Trips:

  • A play at the Shubert Theatre (The Nutcracker Ballet)
  • A day at the Festival of Cultures in Orange, Ct
  • Tip to the Aquarium or Science Museum. 


Children do several outreach projects throughout the year such as visiting the Watrous Nursing Home on Halloween to entertain the patients. Children also collect items for the soup kitchen, collect items for the local animal shelters, sponsor a family for Christmas, and promote recycling to help keep our environment clean and safe. For the past several years the second grade also collected items, wrote letters, and drew pictures for the soldiers serving overseas. The letters, emails, and pictures that the soldiers sent back were inspirational to the children. Each year the class decides on what causes are important to them and come up with new ideas on how they can help.

Best of All: 

Children earn auction tickets and stickers all year long which they exchange for prizes and privileges. The auction becomes a math lesson where children bid with a number sheet on various items. Auction tickets are grouped by 2s, 5s, 10s, etc.  By far this is one of the most fun math lessons for the children. We have two auctions a year. 
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