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The focus of the primary grades program is based on a developmental philosophy which promotes spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth through guided exploration and direct instruction.  Educational experiences within a learning environment are presented through thematic units. The primary grades program begins daily at 8:10 am and ends at 3:00 pm.


In the daily religion curriculum, the “lens” through which the Christian message is presented in grade one is God. The children are encouraged to learn about God and to grow in their relationship with the Holy Trinity. In grade two, the focus is on Jesus Christ. In conjunction with this, the children prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist.
Language Arts
Through the language arts curriculum, the use of basic primary skills in phonics, reading, grammar, spelling, and writing, the students learn to communicate clearly in speaking and writing. With these skills, the students will also learn to read with fluency and understanding.
The primary mathematics curriculum provides a strong foundation for the years to follow. Included in this program are addition and subtraction to three digit numbers, multiplication and division, place value, time, money, geometry, graphing, measurement, problem solving, and fractions.
The primary science program develops thinking skills that will help the student become better problem solvers and intelligent decision makers. Subject matter includes fossils, plants and animals, sea life, electricity and matter, heat, light, sound, motion, earth, weather, seasons, and simple machines.
Social Studies
The primary social studies program integrates rich and relevant units in community, citizenship, geography, our earth and history, introduction to map skills, and current events. These lessons are taught through skill lessons, interactive activities, and concrete examples.
Physical and Health Education
The primary grades participate in physical education twice a week and health education once a week.
In addition to the core curriculum the primary grades receive instruction in World Language twice per week, music twice per week, technology once per week and visual arts once per week.
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