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Our middle school format provides for a variety of instructors during the school day, includes periodic changing of classrooms, imposes a more formalized structure on the academic portion of the school day than is so in lower grades, and gives greater responsibility to the students for meeting deadlines and completing requirements.  These features in our program are intended to acknowledge the need of students in this age group to feel a sense of growing independence and control over their lives, as well as to offer these students ever greater academic challenges in preparation for the next stage of their education, secondary school.
Because of the middle school format, students who excel in mathematics, for example, are enrolled in advanced classes, enabling them to progress at the pace that is appropriate to their level of achievement.  Those students who are not in these accelerated classes learn at grade level and are
At the same time that we recognize the need for our students to be guided toward the attainment of our goals for them during their upper school years, we recognize, also, that if we are to provide a rigorous academic program at the upper school level, we must ensure that our teachers are adequately prepared to teach their assigned schedule.  We have taken the following steps toward this end.  Teachers at this level specialize in teaching subjects for which they have particular training and preference and each are institutional members of a number of educational organizations (e.g. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; The National Science Association; The National Association of Teachers of English; The National Catholic Education Association).  Our teachers regularly take advantage of the superb conferences and workshops offered by these organizations, as one means of their ongoing professional development, which is a requirement of every member of the OLM faculty.
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