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Grades 6, 7, and 8

The goal of the Middle School Program is to provide a community in which learning addresses the intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional, social, and physical development of the early adolescent. Students are provided with educational experience that facilitates the transition from elementary school to the more rigorous learning environment of high school.                                    


Although the content areas are departmentalized, the approach to the curriculum as a whole is fully-integrated, supporting hands-on activities and project-based learning. Students are taught to master skills and to progress from concrete to abstract thinking as they mature intellectually.  

Students re-commit to their journey toward God’s kingdom, in the context of their relationship with Jesus Christ. “Jesus of History” and “The Christ of Faith” are explored through the Scripture, the Church’s teaching and the witness of faithful disciples. Students deepen their daily understanding of and participation in the Church as the visible, living sign of God’s kingdom in history.

Language Arts
The Language Arts curriculum is designed to inspire our student to be lifelong readers and writers. We place an emphasis on teaching effective communication skills, both oral and written. To develop a love of reading and an appreciation of literature, students read trade books, both fiction and nonfiction, supplemented with selections from anthologies. Students in grades 6 through 8 develop and maintain a writing portfolio. Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary lessons are taught weekly.

The Math curriculum develops the student’s ability to become an independent, creative thinker and problem solver. Students master Math skills and learn to apply these skills to real life situations. They learn the language of Math and to communicate mathematically. Each grade is grouped according to ability—standard and accelerated. Eighth grade students in the accelerated program take a full year of Algebra.
Science Class

The Science curriculum encourages the students to investigate and experiment. Students learn to write formal labs and to implement the process of experimentation using the proper techniques for measurement and recording data.  Life science, physical science, and earth science are the main themes of the Middle School science curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills in their hands on approach to their studies. Robotics is also a part of their studies. Additionally, students participate in a yearly science fair/invention convention. Science Fair winners compete in the Connecticut State Science Fair & Invention Convention each spring.

Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum provides students with knowledge of history, government, geography and economics. Students recognized the interaction between past and present and are expected to apply this connection as responsible citizens. Students realize and understand the importance of their roles as caretakers of God’s world. Using a hands-on approach, students study ancient history, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and United States history.

Physical and Health Education
Students in the Middle School grades have Physical Education twice per week. Health Education for grade 6 once a week and grades 7 & 8 the last quarter of the year.
In addition to the core curriculum, students in the Middle School grades integrate technololgy throughout their classes and in many phases of their studies. World Language (French or Spanish) and Choir or Band, and Visual Arts.

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