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During Advent we practice and present a Christmas play for the school and our families, and we share in the annual Christmas pageant. We prepare for Lent with some of the traditions of Mardi Gras and we join Jesus in His celebration of Passover by participating in a Christian Seder. The Stations of the Cross are explored using art expressions and prayerful activities, such as guided meditations and reenactments. We pay tribute to our Veterans by preparing and presenting a prayer service in their honor.

Language Arts

We present plays and puppet shows, give political speeches, share readings at Masses and prayer services, and recite poetry to gain confidence in public speaking.


Occasional book reports and presentations are assigned, mostly for the purpose of piquing interest in books that classmates have read and enjoyed. In the past we have rewritten our books as children’s picture books, created grab bags with objects that represent people and places in the story, and performed puppet shows.


Activities and experiments are an integral part of this program. Dead Bug Day, The Annual Wild Mushroom Hunt, Our Live Guinea Pig Viewing and Genetics Chart, Searching for Mickey (owl pellet investigation), Where in the World is Jurassic Park?, Reinventing the Wheel, A Paper Airplane Contest, and building animal and plant cell models are among the activities.

Social Studies

Activities, such as illustrating poetry, building Native American villages, performing plays, preparing an Aztec festival, and hunting pirate treasure have been included.

Field Trips:

  • Boston or New York Field Trip to see Art Galleries, Science Museums, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Old North Church, Freedom Trail, Harbor Tour
  • A Pirate Trip to the Thimble Islands, Foxwoods Museum, Peabody Museum, and Connecticut Science Museum
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