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Grades 4 & 5

The Intermediate Grade Program at Our Lady of Mercy School emphasizes the education of the student as a child of God. 


As part of the daily religion curriculum the students develop a prayer life, an appreciation of Scripture, and an appreciation of the sacramental life of the Church. 
Language Arts
Through the language arts curriculum students are exposed to a variety of literature and poetry. Study skills, including note-taking, outlining, and listening skills are founded.  Students practice expository and narrative writing as well as grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension skills.
The intermediate math curriculum provides experiences in number sense, including estimation, mental math, and computation, multiplication and division. Students are introduced to and practice the four operations, using whole numbers, decimals, fractions and mixed numbers. The investigation of Geometry and Algebra is introduced.
The intermediate grade science program is designed to develop an understanding and an appreciation of the environment and the principles of healthy living. Students explore Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, and the human body.
Social Studies
The intermediate grades social studies program is designed to foster an understanding of the ideals of American democracy and of the interdependence of all people in society. Students discover links between past and present through literature and primary and secondary sources. They study geography and its impact on culture and history. They also develop map skills for real-life situations.
Physical and Health Education
Students have physical education twice each week, and Health Education once each week.
In addition to the core curriculum, the intermediate grade students receive instruction in World Language (French or Spanish) and music twice each week and Library Science and Visual Arts once each week. 

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